Adam Aircraft A500-002 Makes Maiden Flight

Adam Aircraft A500-002 Makes Maiden Flight
Adam Aircraft’s A500-002 made its maiden flight on February 13.

Adam Aircraft’s A500-002 made its maiden flight on February 13.

Adam Aircraft announced in February that it had accomplished the maiden flight of its A500 aircraft, production-002, the second A500 built with production tooling.

The A500 is a twin-engine, inline-thrust, pressurized, six-seat aircraft. The initial flight of A500-002 took place at Centennial Airport on February 13, lasting approximately 35 minutes and reaching an altitude of 13,000 feet.
Adam Aircraft began developing the A500 in 1998; initial flight-testing of the proof of concept aircraft began in 2000.

The Adam POC flew for more than 300 flight hours, and produced valuable test data on handling, longitudinal stability, flight controls and engine performance, as well as demonstrating the safety of inline thrust with no critical (or VMC) engine problems.

A500-001 took its first flight July 11, 2002, and has flown 122 hours over 62 flights. To date, flight-testing has confirmed that the company meets FAA requirements for stall characteristics and single-engine handling and climb. Adam expects that all of its published performance numbers, such as 250 kt top speed, will be met.

A500-002 will continue the company’s flight-testing program, including testing the environmental control system and pressurization. Engine cooling will be refined, and the center of gravity envelope will be modestly expanded. Additional takeoff and landing performance and distance numbers will be documented. Along with tests conducted with A500-003, the company expects to conclude flight-testing by mid-2003.

Adam Aircraft has approximately 100 direct orders, options, and dealer commitments for the A500, and has announced the A700 light business jet, which it expects to finish in 2004.

The company has also recently announced its intention to expand operations in Pueblo, Colo., through its A500 and A700 programs. The State of Colorado Governor’s Office of Economic Development has approved a $193,536 job-training grant, and the Colorado Economic Development Commission has preliminarily approved a $448,000 incentive grant. Adam Aircraft will work with Pueblo Community College for training needs and the disposition of these funds.

Over the course of the next three years, Adam Aircraft anticipates delivering 125 aircraft, each requiring 10,000 man-hours to build.

The company has immediate access to a 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility at Pueblo Memorial Airport. The building is in immediate move-in condition.

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