Tom Danaher 1924- "Flown West" 9-12-2014 Living Legends of Aviation Inductees Chuck Yeager - Breaking the Sound Barrier Arnold Palmer and his Chief Pilots— A Close-knit “Fraternity” “Flown West Tribute” By Morgan Freeman 2007 Clay Lacy: “The Planes I’ve Flown & The People I’ve Known” Official Ambassador of Aviation - John Travolta Laurent Beaudoin – Bombardier – Living Legend of Aviation Cliff Roberston: Living Legend of Aviation Jimmy Buffet Sang of “Writin’ fan letters to Sky’s niece Penny” Living Legends Awards Highlights 2010 Bombardier presents Legends Of Aviation 2010 Remembering Steve McQueen John W. Myers: Having Too Much Fun with Airplanes

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Frederick Smith Honored as “Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur” at 2014 Living Legends of Aviation Awards

Frederick Smith to be Honored at the 11th Annual “Living Legends of Aviation” Awards on January 17th, 2014 Fred Smith is living proof that from little acorns giant oak trees grow. The acorn, in this case, was an original idea for an overnight, small-package delivery service that he described in a term paper while an undergraduate student at Yale University. Read More...

Goose Cleared for Landing!

Chuck Aaron Defies Physics

Chuck Aaron defies physics as he takes to the skies in the Red Bull Aerobatic Helicopter. Loops, barrel rolls, and death defying maneuvers are all in a days flight for this world class helicopter pilot.

Can you #CatchKirby?

The world's fastest motorsport is back in the skies in 2014! And, to prepare for the upcoming Red Bull Air Race in Dallas-Fort Worth, US pilot Kirby Chambliss tests his speed throughout the metroplex with the help of the Fort Worth Police.

Featured August 22, 2014 “Dream Chaser” Pulling Ahead in Race for Manned Space Flight

By Pete Crowley August 22, 2014 As Russia threatens to cut off America’s access to the International Space Station, NASA is set to approve another round of funding for American space companies … Read More...


Dexter Holland Loses His Citation “Spare me the Details!”

Come out and pay, Dexter Holland — that’s what bringers of a new lawsuit against The Offspring frontman, who allegedly owes nearly $800,000, are saying. In court documents filed last week Cessna, … Read More...

Living Legends John Travolta and Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter visit during the 5th annual awards ceremony on Jan. 24, 2008, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Zoe Dell was recently named the First Lady of Aviation.

Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter: A 70-Year Commitment to Aviation’s Success

By Carol L. Osborne Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter's greatest contributions to aviation were born from her vision and dream that the aviation industry should have its own hall of fame and an annual … Read More...

The chain-drive Benz 200 Blitzen Benz caused a sensation in 1909, with its 12.5-liter, 200-hp, four-cylinder engine. Barney Oldfield drove it in American exhibitions, and Bob Burman used it at Daytona Beach in 1911 to set a world speed record of 141.4 mph

There’s no Substitute for Cubic Inches A Short History of Aero-engine Race Cars

By Daryl Murphy Following the birth of both the airplane and the automobile, man had a need for more power. It was aviation's most precious commodity—the energy to lift a fragile craft into … Read More...

Clay Lacy's P-51 Mustang.

Clay Lacy: “The Planes I’ve Flown & The People I’ve Known” – Part 1

"All through your life, you meet people and do things that change the course of your life," Clay Lacy reflects. "Different things impress you at different times." The course of Lacy's life has … Read More...

My first aircraft, a 1978 Seneca II. Turbo charged and especially suited for Colorado Mountain flying

Read My Lips!

Seneca II In March of 1980, I purchased my first aircraft, a 1978 Seneca II. Turbo charged and especially suited for Colorado Mountain flying. Its rate of climb was exceeded by the record-climbing … Read More...


Stories of Two World War II Big Bomber Crashes in Wyoming

A few years ago , I was a leader of 14 high school boy scouts on a six-day backpack trip in the Wyoming Bridger Wilderness (Wind River Range). Our hike was to culminate in climbing Gannett Peak, at … Read More...

Legend Harrison Ford receives the Legend’s Aviation Legacy Award and offers humble and sincere gratitude.

Sixth Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards

The most prestigious annual event of aviation was held at the Beverly Hilton on Jan. 22, 2009. The Living Legends of Aviation Awards honors entrepreneurs, innovators, industry leaders, … Read More...

Niklas Berg, co-founder and CEO of Avinode, addresses the APSI quarterly meeting. Berg began Avinode as a graduate student project eight years ago.

Avinode Shares with APSI; new ASPI President Announced

By Henry M. Holden Bringing his entrepreneurial spirit to the states, Avinode co-founder and CEO Niklas Berg was the special guest speaker at the fall meeting of the Aviation Professionals Sharing … Read More...


Read My Lips

9 February 2009 Dear Jerry and all at the Living Legends of Aviation, This is a time that we've needed our friends and family more than ever and this is a time that you were there and thinking … Read More...

Bob Hoover (R) accepts the Freedom of Flight Award on 2005, from fellow Living Legend of Aviation General Chuck Yeager.

Read My Lips

By Jerry Lips Colorado was proud of its "aviation billionaire." After all, his life was as storybook as it gets. Orphaned at age nine, adopted by a family that stressed education, young Michael … Read More...

Bob Hoover (R) accepts the Freedom of Flight Award on 2005, from fellow Living Legend of Aviation General Chuck Yeager.

Read My Lips

By Jerry Lips Colorado was proud of its "aviation billionaire." After all, his life was as storybook as it gets. Orphaned at age nine, adopted by a family that stressed education, young Michael … Read More...

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Red Carpet Interviews, Dr. Bird, Inventor of The Heart Lung Machine, And Other Legends.


Tom Danaher: Over 200 Solo Atlantic Crossings In Single Engine Aircraft. 1924- “Flown West” 9-12-2014

By Wilma Bradley Tom Danaher trained in F4U Corsairs and Grumman F6F-5N Hellcats as a Marine Corps fighter pilot. He made history in August 1945, while stationed on Okinawa, he shot down the last … Read More...

Gloria Winters is well known for her role as Penny in "Sky King."

Jimmy Buffet Sang of “Writin’ fan letters to Sky’s niece Penny”

Interviewed By: Dianna Freeze One day, as Gloria Winters was in her car, a song came on the radio that caught her completely by surprise. In “Pencil Thin Mustache,” Jimmy Buffett reminisced about … Read More...

Travel Air engineers Herb Rawdon and Walter Burnham designed the Model R in anticipation of Walter Beech’s annual need for a racer.

The Day Air Racing’s Golden Age Began

By Daryl Murphy Ten years after the end of World War I, the American public had become enchanted with the romance and excitement of the noisy, speeding machines locked in aerial battle. The … Read More...

"19 Hours," by Dave Kurz, celebrates the historic Mexican road race, the Carrera Panamericana. The car featured is only the fourth Porsche Spyder chassis made by the manufacturer.

Flying with One Hand While Taking Photos with the Other

By Daryl Murphy Carrera Panamericana was the wildest, woolliest auto race ever staged on an international scale. From 1950 to 1954, an estimated 10 million people witnessed the race along its … Read More...

Living Legends of Aviation Inductees

11th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Inductees

The 11th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards, hosted by Ambassador of Aviation John Travolta, was another great success.  Presenting sponsors included Bell Helicopter and Embry-Riddle … Read More...

The first woman in the world to earn a helicopter rating was Hanna Reitsch, Whirly-Girl #1. Reitsch flew the first true vertical flight machine, a Focke Achgelis helicopter, in 1938. Development of the commercial helicopter halted during World War II.

Wanted: A Few Good “Whirly-Girls”

By Henry M. Holden If you fly helicopters, or would like to, Whirly-Girls want you. Whirly Girls was the idea of Jean Ross Howard, a native of Washington, D.C., who founded the group in 1955. … Read More...


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Club Airport Gardens, Sonora and Riverside Drive, near Grand Central Airport

A Journey Back in Time Grand Central Air Terminal

By J. Ron Dickson Surrounded by commercial buildings on land now owned by the Walt Disney Company, an empty ghost of a building sits—a building that was once the premier air terminal in the Los … Read More...

Allan McArtor, Chairman and CEO of Airbus Americas, will be inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation at the 11th Annual Awards

T. Allan McArtor Inducted into the “Living Legends of Aviation”

Allan McArtor, Chairman and CEO of Airbus North Americas, Inc., was inducted into the “Living Legends of Aviation”® at the 11th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards, on January 17, 2014 at the … Read More...


Ace Eli and Roger of the Skies

By Cliff Robertson Among the some 100-odd films I have been privileged to appear in, some stand out as reasonably memorable. Some I would like to forget. But occasionally you do one that is an … Read More...

Air Cadet Ernest Edward Bankey Jr. -- 1943

The final flight: Triple Ace Ernest Edward Bankey Jr.

By Harlis Brend Triple Ace Ernie Bankey, Jr., flew quietly out of this world on June 10, 2009, at his home in Newbury Park, Calif. A memorial service with full military honors was held at … Read More...

Linden Blue of Spectrum Aeronautical was one of only 8 people to have the recent opportunity to fly the Spirit of St. Louis. “I have even greater respect for his airmanship after having seen how unstable the airplane is.

Memories, Smiles and New Respect for Lindbergh’s Famous Flight

The Lindbergh Foundation announced that eight individuals from around the country enjoyed a rare opportunity to experience what few others have known—a flight and some stick time in the EAA's Spirit … Read More...

Speakers at the VNY Prop Association meeting (clockwise from upper left): AOPA Vice President Bill Dunn, AOPA Vice President Melissa Rudinger, VNY Airport Manager Selena Birk and Prop Park contractor Steve Argubright.

Coming Soon: The Prop Park in VNY

By Harlis Brend The Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association and the Van Nuys Airport Association held their annual joint meeting at VNY Fire Station 114 on June 3, 2009. Featured speakers … Read More...

Dr. Sam B. Williams

Williams International Founder Dies at 88

By Thomas B. Haines, AOPA Online Turbine engine innovator Dr. Sam B. Williams, founder and chairman of turbine engine maker Williams International, died June 22, 2009, at the age of 88. Williams is … Read More...

Jesse Bootenhoff, current caretaker of the S-43, stands inside the cockpit of the historic airplane.

Howard Hughes’ Sikorsky at Brazoria County Airport, Texas

Jesse Bootenhoff settles into the same seat from which legendary aviator and eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes once planned to fly around the world. "For its day, when it was built, everything … Read More...

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Louis CK – Contemporary Perceptions about Aviation and Pilots in the USA (Comedy)


Tom Danaher: Over 200 Solo Atlantic Crossings In Single Engine Aircraft. 1924- “Flown West” 9-12-2014

By Wilma Bradley Tom Danaher trained in F4U Corsairs and Grumman F6F-5N Hellcats as a Marine Corps fighter pilot. He made history in August 1945, while stationed on Okinawa, he shot down the last Japanese bomber on the final night of World War … Read More...

Bob Hoover - Tribute Interview Video with the Master!

2013 Living Legends of Aviation – The Bob Hoover Freedom of Flight Award

Published on Feb 2, 2013 During the 2013 Living Legends of Aviation Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, Living Legend Bob Hoover presented the Freedom of Flight Award to the first and last men on the moon. There to accept the award for the … Read More...

Secret of stability. The two-bladed rotor, balanced and dampened by the counterweights, make the Bell helicopter exceptionally stable and easy to fly.

One “Young” Man’s Idea

By C.B.F. Macauley - Reprinted from Air Trails Magazine, 1944 Using models to develop his ideas, Arthur Young spent 15 years perfecting the helicopter. Arthur Middleton Young hails from a small town near Philadelphia, which, by odd … Read More...

Luftwaffe Prisoners Grandchildren Visit POW Camp

Luftwaffe prisoners’ enjoyed Bavarian Clubhouse…. may have enjoyed more than just a friendly handshake from the local fraulein.

By Jerry Lips Reportedly some Luftwaffe prisoners enjoyed more than just a friendly handshake with local New Ulm Fraulein Located near the town of New Ulm, Minnesota, in the majestic Cottonwood forests and bedrocks of shale, sandstone, and marble, … Read More...

The Future is here? The Picturephone!

What you'll use is called, simply enough, a Picturephone set. Someday it will let you see who you are talking to, and let them see you. The Picturephone set is just one of the communications of the future Western Electric (was) working on with … Read More...

USS Macon and Sparrowhawks

USS Macon and Sparrowhawks

The concept of an airborne aircraft carrier is not new. In fact such a concept was already being researched during WWI, with the first working protoype reaching completion in 1919.The first concepts for this kind of airship were all based on the … Read More...


Francesco Baracca and Ferrari

Piaggio Aero Industries delivered an Avanti P180 executive turboprop to Ferrari on May 18, 2000. In a ceremony that took place at Piaggio Aero's headquarters, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, president and CEO of Ferrari, took delivery of the … Read More...


For the Boys: The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II

By AJ Staff Writer Reprinted from June 2001 "Peggy the Pin-Up Girl" Peggy Jones had a picture took, it got in "Live" and it got in "Look" In a plane or on a train, she's a friend, she's a pal She was there when they landed down in … Read More...

Charles J. Young shown with the new simplified device for sending photos by radio.

Television Will Carry the Mails

Reprint of Modern Mechanix and Inventions, March 1935 By David Sarnoff President Radio Corporation of America "A twinkling beam of light records a picture thousands of miles away. It is facsimile transmission – an interesting feature of … Read More...

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The aerobatic Stearman owned by Greg Shelton displays its patriotic underside as it completes a low altitude roll.

“In Their Honor” Attracts Warbirds, Hot Jets and Thousands of Spectators

By Lance Gurwell Biplanes, bombers, jets and warbirds were part of “In Their Honor,” an air show held in Colorado Springs July 9-10. Thousands of people showed up to pay tribute to past and present members of the military. The fifth annual show was held on runways and tarmac east of Colorado Springs Airport. The […]

Rick Broome has painted hundreds of makes and models of aircraft, including the former “Air Force One” Aero Commander L-26C flown by President Eisenhower.

“Ike’s” Aero Commander

By Laurie Lips When President Dwight D. Eisenhower took office in 1952, he rejected using Truman’s “Independence” as his presidential airplane. He chose a Lockheed Constellation, and would, during his administration, utilize three of these, which were named the Columbine I, II and III. Shortly after Eisenhower suffered a heart attack in the mid-1950s, he […]

A New York Port Authority S-76 police helicopter swoops down past the audience. This unannounced extra delighted early morning show attendees.

“Holy Bombers, Batman”

By Henry M. Holden The Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey, at Teterboro Airport (TEB), held their annual Wings & Wheels Expo Sept. 15-16. According to Steve Riethof, the museum’s vice president, the weekend attracted between 3,800 and 4,000 people, the largest number of attendees in recent years. The expo moved to […]

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