Bob Hoover interview  “Air Force One” Aero Commander L-26C flown by President Eisenhower. 3 Presidents Attend The Last Rites Of Sam Rayburn Living Legends of Aviation Inductees Flying with One Hand While Taking Photos with the Other USS Macon and Sparrowhawks Custom Airplane Homes Coast-to-Coast
Clay Lacy's P-51 Mustang.

Clay Lacy: “The Planes I’ve Flown & The People I’ve Known” – Part 1

"All through your life, you meet people and do things that change the course of your life," Clay Lacy reflects. "Different things impress you at different times." The course of Lacy's life has … [Read More...]

My first aircraft, a 1978 Seneca II. Turbo charged and especially suited for Colorado Mountain flying

Read My Lips!

Seneca II In March of 1980, I purchased my first aircraft, a 1978 Seneca II. Turbo charged and especially suited for Colorado Mountain flying. Its rate of climb was exceeded by the record-climbing … [Read More...]


Stories of Two World War II Big Bomber Crashes in Wyoming

A few years ago , I was a leader of 14 high school boy scouts on a six-day backpack trip in the Wyoming Bridger Wilderness (Wind River Range). Our hike was to culminate in climbing Gannett Peak, at … [Read More...]

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Get a Leg Up with Airport Journals

Get a leg up with Airport Journals!

[Read More...]

Club Airport Gardens, Sonora and Riverside Drive, near Grand Central Airport

A Journey Back in Time Grand Central Air Terminal

By J. Ron Dickson Surrounded by commercial buildings on land now owned by the Walt Disney Company, an empty ghost of a building sits—a building that was once the premier air terminal in the Los … [Read More...]

Living Legends of Aviation Inductees

11th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Inductees

The 11th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards, hosted by Ambassador of Aviation John Travolta, was another great success.  Presenting sponsors included Bell Helicopter and Embry-Riddle … [Read More...]

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Francesco Baracca and Ferrari

Piaggio Aero Industries delivered an Avanti P180 executive turboprop to Ferrari on May 18, 2000. In a ceremony that took place at Piaggio Aero's headquarters, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, president and CEO of Ferrari, took delivery of the … [Read More...]

Frederick Smith to be Honored at the 11th Annual “Living Legends of Aviation” Awards on January 17th, 2014

Frederick Smith, Founder and CEO FedEx, to be Honored at Living Legends of Aviation

Fred Smith is living proof that from little acorns giant oak trees grow. The acorn, in this case, was an original idea for an overnight, small-package delivery service that he described in a term paper while an undergraduate student at Yale … [Read More...]