INEX Professional Aircraft Care

INEX Professional Aircraft Care
Marc Childs is general manager of INEX Professional Aircraft Care. The business specializes in aircraft detailing and is willing to bring its services to customer locations.

Marc Childs is general manager of INEX Professional Aircraft Care. The business specializes in aircraft detailing and is willing to bring its services to customer locations.

By Shari Valenta

INEX Professional Aircraft Care is a Cleveland-based aircraft detailing company, with branches at Centennial and Rocky Mountain Metropolitan airports and across the country, in states including Florida, Georgia, California and Texas. Owner Chuck Glogouski also owns Classic Interior Completions, a company specializing in aircraft renovation. Between the two companies, your aircraft can be kept in tip-top shape.

INEX Professional Aircraft Care offers a variety of services, using only aircraft-approved products for stain removal, complete interior cleaning, exterior dry wash and polish, exterior bright work, woodwork repair/touch up, leather repair, dye touch up/restoration, seat repair, baggage lining cleaning/replacement, trim work, upholstery, carpet replacement and plating.

INEX uses a dry chemical carpet cleaning method.

“We don’t want to incorporate any water, if possible,” said Marc Childs, INEX general manager and Classic Interior Completions consultant. “We do carpets this way, because it has a low turnaround time to dry, and also, because water will shrink carpet that’s 100 percent wool. Water can also cause mold or discolor and peel nearby laminated wood.”

The companies work on a variety of aircraft.

“We work on all types of corporate jets,” said Childs. “We do single-propeller aircraft to Gulfstream GVs, and anything in between.”

INEX has 35 employees and Classic Interior Completions employs 50.

“All of our employees are background-checked and drug-screened,” assured Childs. “They’re trained roughly 40 to 50 hours before we let them touch an aircraft. During their first month, they work with direct supervision.”

Classic Interior Completions has been in business for more than 10 years, providing services such as custom seat design and installation of cabinetry, upholstery, headliners and sidewalls. The firm has a wide selection of the finest fabrics, wood laminates, leather and carpeting, for partial or complete installation. All products meet FAA standards.

INEX Professional Aircraft Care has been in business for more than five years. The company expanded to Centennial three years ago to fill the needs of aircraft maintenance companies.

“Customers choose us because of our efficiency, quality and customer service that is second to none,” said Childs proudly.

Many of their clients are return customers and like the fact that relaxed and friendly entrepreneurs run the two companies.

“Chuck and I are both from small towns,” said Childs. “Chuck is from Shinglehouse, Pa., and I’m from Bolivar, N.Y. Both towns had only one grocery store and one traffic light. When I was 16, I got a job at the grocery store, Market Basket Supermarket. Chuck was transferred there, as assistant manager.”

During their time at Market Basket, the two were acquainted but weren’t close. They eventually went their separate ways; Glogouski went on to manage other stores, and Childs worked in the construction industry.

In 1987, Childs took a job working for the Morrison & Knudsen Corporation in Hornell, N.Y., refurbishing and detailing subway cars. From 1990 to 2003, he worked for Cutco Cutlery Corporation, a stainless steel cutlery company. There, he gained experience facilitating self-managed work teams.

“Then, things went full circle,” said Childs, “I ran into Chuck at a family cookout. Our wives are first cousins. He was expanding a company and saw I had an eye for detail, so he hired me. I’ve been working here for two and a half years.”

When Glogouski isn’t running two businesses, he enjoys hunting.

“I remember one time, we were trying to finish two relatively big jobs during hunting season in Pennsylvania,” reminisced Childs. “Chuck had property in Shinglehouse, so he left early that Friday afternoon to go hunting. He drove all the way there before realizing that he had forgotten his gun back in Ohio.”

Childs is happy with his career move.

“I enjoy it,” he said enthusiastically, “I like the challenges, and I like the people. It’s a career and not a job, if you enjoy what you’re doing!”

For the convenience of two aircraft services melded into one, contact INEX Professional Aircraft Care and Classic Interior Completions to detail and refurbish your aircraft.

INEX Professional Aircraft Care has seven locations to serve you—and the company is willing to bring its services to customer locations.

For more information, call 1-866-766-INEX, 24 hours a day, seven days a week or visit []. For Classic Interior Completions, call 216-261-7995 or visit [].