m-AJ Business Opportunity

Welcome to your airport newspaper, your local Airport Journal is in the process of appointing an Editor/ Publisher. If you have an entrepreneurial sprit and a passion for aviation, this may be your opportunity to: “Integrate your life into something you truly enjoy doing, so you can’t distinguish when your working.” You must be self motivated, have strong communicative skills, a love for aviation, want to be your own boss, and enjoy building relationships with other leaders.

The Editor/Publisher of a local GA airport newspaper, serves an important leadership role, providing a “mirror” for the airport community, reflecting the airports citizenry and its businesses. Promoting the airport and the airport community, producing short videos, calendar of events, directional advertising, interviews, special features, creating and promoting airport events are all important opportunities for the Editor/Publisher. Having traditional community newspaper experience is not essential. It is important to have creative talent, enjoy community leadership, have the desire to build your own aviation information business, and have a sense of community that you enjoy sharing and promoting.

Templates, training and coaching are provided. A short one page introductory letter, is appropriately sufficient for interview consideration.
Please email, Charles Cardillo, Director Business Development, Airport Journals LLC.

Please start by filling out the contact form below and a representative will be in touch with you. Thank you!