Sino Swearingen Receives FAA TC for the SJ30-2 Business Jet

Sino Swearingen Receives FAA TC for the SJ30-2 Business Jet
Sino Swearingen has received FAA type certification for the new SJ30-2 business jet.

Sino Swearingen has received FAA type certification for the new SJ30-2 business jet.

After working diligently to achieve their goal, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation has received Federal Aviation Administration type certification for the new SJ30-2 business jet. This marks the first “clean sheet” corporate jet aircraft design developed by a new company to achieve FAA type certification since the original concept of a corporate jet emerged almost 45 years ago.

The new type certificate, received on October 27, approves the SJ30-2 jet for day, night, visual flight rules and instrument flight rules operations. Single pilot operations were approved and the full performance envelope was included in this TC issuance without restrictions. There are a few remaining approvals on the aircraft prior to initial deliveries, such as flight into known icing and certification of the cabin interior. After those remaining approvals, first customer deliveries are scheduled for the first quarter of 2006.

“Just as the original corporate jets pioneered a new market, we believe the newly certified SJ30-2 will totally redefine the light jet market,” said Dr. Ching Kuo, chairman and CEO of Sino Swearingen. “With the ability to operate up to 49,000 feet, cruise up to 0.83 Mach, and fly nonstop flights to 2,500 nautical miles, future owners of the SJ30-2 will experience capabilities previously available only in corporate jets costing twice as much. And, with a maximum cabin pressurization level of 12 psi, our customers will also appreciate a sea level cabin altitude with the aircraft flying up to 41,000 feet. As much as I’m proud of my dedicated staff, I’m also very much appreciative to the FAA team for its cooperation, spirit, and hard work to help us achieve this goal.”

Dr. Carl Chen, president of Sino Swearingen said, “The employees of our company as well as our investors have committed many years to achieving this goal and it’s very gratifying to finally announce our receipt of the type certificate. We’ve been developing and certifying the SJ30-2 for quite some time. We’re now preparing ourselves to become a complete aircraft company, delivering airplanes to customers and supporting them as they operate their aircraft around the world.”

Flight test pilots and engineers spent over 2,100 hours fine tuning the SJ30-2 to be “easy to fly while delivering high performance.”

“So many people have worked diligently to achieve this goal,” said Alfred Baumbusch, senior vice president of operations. “I’m proud to be part of such a dedicated and talented team of individuals who designed, developed and tested the SJ30-2 to stringent FAA standards. I’m also privileged to have worked successfully with the FAA to focus on a common objective. Obtaining a type certificate is a significant achievement for Sino Swearingen and a landmark event for the corporate aviation industry.”

Sino Swearingen’s headquarters are located at San Antonio International Airport.

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