Tony LaMonica Media

Tony LaMonica Media

By Shari Valenta

Former Denver traffic reporter Tony LaMonica recently started a public relations business. Tony LaMonica Media films and edits marketing materials such as documentaries, television commercials and training videos for businesses.

Former Denver traffic reporter Tony LaMonica recently started a public relations business. Tony LaMonica Media films and edits marketing materials such as documentaries, television commercials and training videos for businesses.

A company is anxious to start their new advertising campaign. They need a whole new marketing kit including a television commercial, training video, brochure and corporate identity––and they need it fast. Who are they going to call? Superman? How about Batman? He has a lot of gadgets on his utility belt.

Better yet, call the “Eye in the Sky,” aka, Tony LaMonica. He’s the former Denver traffic reporter for television’s Channel 9 and KHOW radio. While LaMonica doesn’t wear a cape like Batman, he uses the latest equipment to serve the city of Denver and beyond. Armed with Sony’s latest broadcast quality digital video camera, he films documentaries, television commercials and training videos and he’s even a certified court videographer.

“My company can do just about anything short of a major motion picture,” said LaMonica.

When LaMonica has finished filming, he edits the footage. To do this, he flies back to the cave near Lowry—well, actually his home office in his basement there. Video editing is done with Final Cut Pro HD and a Power Mac G5 computer. He also uses professional sound equipment in his films.

Having a home office saves clients money and the convenient location makes it easy for LaMonica to show up at any scene quickly. He’s affordable because he contracts sidekicks to help him battle the major public relations projects. LaMonica has a background in aviation, public relations and marketing that spans 25 years. He has worked with major corporations including the Denver Broncos, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Fuji Xerox Company. He was one of five members of the public relations team that worked in the closing of Stapleton International Airport and the transition of the $4.8 billion Denver International Airport. He’s a social butterfly by nature and is able to contact all the personalities in the businesses.

“I work with a friend named Tom Hoch, who is a master of photography and production,” remarked LaMonica. “When the need arises for his expertise or for a second camera, I call him. Hoch has 30 years experience including the old Prime Sports and Fox Sports networks after leaving Channel 4.”

He says he also has available some wonderful and gifted graphic and website designers––Justin Garcia, and Jennifer Rill from Digital Resolution.

“I also work with Tiffany Weaver, the production manager for a number of magazines including the outstanding publication, Avid Golfer,” he said.

When he needs to, he can also call on good friend Don Martin.

“He’s probably one of the finest audio producers and voices in the marketplace,” he said. “I work with four or five people, including a Ph.D. in human resources and quality control. I have a lot of resources depending on what the project is.”

The unbelievable speed at which LaMonica and his production company work is what separates him from other public relations companies in the area.

“We recently received a new customer that needed a video of 48 minutes and a video of 26 minutes for a national presentation at a conference in New Orleans on April 1,” recalled LaMonica. “They were dealing with a production company in California and had a logistics problem. We met on a Monday, had a production meeting on Tuesday, were shooting on Wednesday, and by Sunday afternoon at 3:00 it was all done. We move very quickly.”

The new company’s speed and precision have been well received.

“We just completed two videos for the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, headquartered here in Denver,” said LaMonica. “We did a lot of work for the former AMR Combs, which is now split up into TAC Air and Signature Flight Support. We are currently working for a very large firm that does legal depositions out of the East and the Pacific Northwest and we’re also doing a settlement documentary for a prominent law firm in downtown Denver.”

LaMonica has great ideas for the future of his company. In the past, he’s been a one-man band, videotaping and reporting the news from his broadcasting days.

“One area I want to focus on is the Internet,” he said. “There is a term called backpack journalism. Your local TV or network goes out to cover a story. They need a photographer, a producer, soundman and an editor. At the studio, it takes four or five people to cover the story to get the video and audio together.

“With today’s technology, video cameras and computers, one individual can shoot it, write it, edit it and put it together and send on the Internet. It can be done without the use of a live truck, microwave shot, or a satellite transmission and for probably one-fourth of the total cost. The New York Times started this and there’s been some experimentation in Baghdad and Afghanistan with it. As competitive as television is today, I think backpack journalism is the area to pursue.”

One might ask, “Holy mass marketing media, Batman, why are you doing this?”

“This is what the dear Lord handed me,” said LaMonica. “I suppose I probably should have done this 15 or 20 years ago, but I was having too much fun working for the company. This was a wonderful idea that my wife had, so we started the engine and we’re going for the flight.”

Tony LaMonica Media is located at 8138 E. Fairmount Dr. in Denver. For a free consultation, call (720) 859-9700. For more information, visit [].