USS Macon and Sparrowhawks

USS Macon and Sparrowhawks
The concept of an airborne aircraft carrier is not new. In fact such a concept was already being researched during WWI, with the first working protoype reaching completion in 1919.The first concepts for this kind of airship were all based on the Zeppelin: dirigibles that could carry a number fighter planes instead of bombs.

The USS Macon and it’s older twin sister the USS Akron were the first (and sadly only) flying aircraft carriers.

These video mixes some of the drops and pick ups of the planes from these airships. These films will be used at the Moffet Field Air Museum on the Macon exhibit.

See for videos on these wonderful ships! No copy right infringement was intended. The song:”Come Josephine in my Flying Machine,” original soundtrack by Ada Jones and Billy Murray in 1911. This song fits the aerobatics of the Sparrowhawk pilots to a Tee!
USS Macon

USS Macon in Here Comes the Navy (1934)

Starring James Cagney, Pat O’Brien, and Gloria Stuart. Scenes from the climax of the film featuring a near-catastrophe based on a real, tragic, accident that happened earlier to ground crewmembers of the Akron. Scenes featuring the Macon only.